Running: First principles

The new rules of running? Nope. The rules of running are not new. Humans have been running on hard surfaces for 2 million years. Running explains the human body form. Feet, Achilles, Glutes, Nonchal Ligament and more. According to Professor Daniel Lieberman of Harvard there are countless adaptations in the human head to cope with endurance running, not least a very efficient cooling mechanism. Simply put, any sheep can run faster then Usain Bolt, any bear would rip Mike Tyson to shreds, we are not fast and we are not the best fighters. Yet humans can beat horses over long distance, the longer the distance and the hotter the day the more likely humans win.

If humans are the best endurance runners why are there so many injured and/or unhappy runners? Time for to discuss all things running: from technique to evolution; footwear to training. Lets see how aligned conventional wisdom and science really are. Lets pit the Mainstream Press and Product Science against Evolutionary Biology and Sports Science.

Running is a skill