Technique advice

1. To lean or not to lean?Stand tall. Leaning as a coaching cue can make runners worse. Don’t lean can also make runners worse. The wisdom is in a balanced approach - upright torso, leaning at the ankle. It is difficult to master technique without being filmed and coached. To experience skilful technique contact us for an evaluation.

2. Quick rhythm. At least 3 strides per second, 180 strides per minute. The no.1 piece of advice for all runners. Get a metronome now!

3. Breathe easy, take deep breaths. In, hold for 2, out. 5 seconds in and out when running at a comfortable pace. If you cannot do this run slower. Consider only breathing in and out through the nose to build aerobic foundation.

4. Flat footed landing. Don't heel strike. 80pct of modern runners heel strike. 75% of runners stop due to injury. A study of 50 Harvard cross country athletes found the heel strikers suffered 2.6 times the number of injuries as the forefoot strikers. Yes some runners can get away with heel striking. What is most important is landing close to your centre of mass and minimising the rate of vertical loading. Heel striking is like pulling the breaks on every step. Why do it?

Landing with feet pitched, heel higher than forefoot does not fully utilise the body’s shock absorbing and elastic recoil potential. Running in a shoe with a high heel is the equivalent of riding a bike with oval wheel. Any shoe with a higher heel than forefoot encourages a heel strike, an earlier and longer contact time, a slower rhythm, excessive forward lean and other injurious technique faults.

Wisdom, √itality, √ictory.