Dulwich Run Club

Running is for everybody!

Whether you are a beginner or have done a 5k before and are looking to get back to regular running, our couch to 5k program is for you. We will teach you technique tips to help you run lighter and easier, stronger and longer.

Running is more than just putting on a pair of trainers and getting out the door! You also need to consider technique. Technique is the no.1 cause of injuries in runners and everyone can improve their technique. The best runners focus on technique to prevent injuries whether they are experienced or not. Technique is equally important for beginners. Technique can be mastered at any speed!

We will cover Micro Exercises to improve your feet, ankles, quads, glutes, spine and head position. Posture is a skill. Together, we will discuss training plans and what is right for you.

Our goal is to empower beginner runners to know how to run and provide them with the right training program and support in their journey to running success. We will beginning by walking and running as slowly as we can then gradually build up running time bringing everyone along with us. Community is motivation.

Happy running is a choice!

Start your happy running journey with Running is a Skill in Dulwich Park!

Ben Le Vesconte has coached over a thousand runners in the UK, Europe and North America. Ben launched Running Technique Instructor courses for The American Council on Exercise in New York and San Diego, at Canfitpro in Toronto and for Premier Training in the UK. Ben featured in the Guardian guide to running. “Everyone has the opportunity to learn injury free running and enjoy pain free feet. Simple tweaks can have dramatic results!”